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The following individuals were recorded in the 1919 electoral roll as being either qualified to vote under ‘Residence Qualification’ (R) or in the navy or military (NM)

BAILEY, Aaron – Church Cottages, Platt (R)
BAILEY, Albert William – Wrotham Heath (R)
BAKER, William John – Church House, Wrotham Heath (NM)
BANCE, Harry – Holly Cottage, Platt (R)
BANCE, John William – Upper Platt (R)
BANCE, William George – Railway Cottage, Wrotham Heath (R)
BENNETT, Hugh Cecil – Fairseat House, Boro’ Green (R)
BEST, Edwin Ernest – Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath (NM)
BISH, Ernest Frank – Windmill Cottage, Wrotham Heath (R)
BOWEN, Raymond Frederick – Railway Cottage, Wrotham Heath (R)
BOWEN, Sidney Horace – 5 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (NM)
BOWEN, Harry Cecil – Wrotham Heath (R)
BRADLEY, William Diplock – Yew Tree Farm, Platt (NM)
BRADLEY, Gus Leopold Diplock – Yew Tree Cottage, Platt, Boro’ Green (R)
BROAD, Charles – Wrotham Heath (R)
BROMLEY, John Thomas – Wrotham Heath (R)
BUSS, Joseph Richard – Church Cottage, Platt (NM)
BYNE, James Edward – Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath (NM)

CHEESMAN, Sidney Herbert – Ford Farm, Wrotham Heath (NM)
COLEMAN, Jabez – Basted, Boro’ Green (R)
CORNER, Charles William – 7 Sobroan Villas, Platt (NM)
COX, Richard Henry – 6 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (NM)
CRAMP, George – Fairview Cottage, Crouch (R)
CROUCH, William James – Platt Common, Boro’ Green (NM)

EVANS, Horace – 11 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (Rfm. 46567, A Co., 4th Battalion Rifle Brigade., 7th Ward Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot) (NM)
EVANS, Albert – 2 Sobraon Villas, Platt (NM)
EVANS, John – Wrotham Heath (NM)
EVENDEN, Thomas – Platt, Boro’ Green (NM)

FEATHERSTONE, Leslie – Nursery Cottage, Platt (R)
FITNESS, Mary Ann – The Retreat, Wrotham Heath (R)
FULLER, Alfred Edward – Near Church, Platt (R)

GASCOINE, William John – Mill Cottage, Platt (NM)
GASSON, Frederick James – 16 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (R)
GILBERT, Charles Alfred – Near Platt Church, Boro’ Green (R)
GILBERT, Walter Sidney – Brickmaker’s Arms, Platt (Rfm. 49008. D Coy, 2/16th London Regiment, British Troops in France) (NM)
GREEN, William Ernest – New Barn, Boro’ Green (R)

HASELDEN, Bertram – Wrotham Heath (R)
HASELDEN, Charles – Wrotham Heath (NM)
HAYES, Arthur George – Wrotham Heath (Rfm., 63435 A. G. Hayes, 13th K. R. R. Corps, attached 226th Field Coy. RE., Army on the Rhine) (NM)
HAVERS, John – 6 Sobraon Villas, Platt (NM)
HIGGINS, George Edward – 3 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (31840, 6th R.W.K. Regt., Rusking Park, Ward 2, Denmark Hill, London.) (NM)
HOGBEN, Charles Henry – Upper Platt, Boro’ Green (R)
HOLLANDS, Thomas Edward – The Anchor, Platt (R)
HORNE, Charles Henry – Royal Oak, Wrotham Heath (R)

INGRAM, Daniel Frederick – Claygate Cross, Boro’ Green (153872 M.T.A.S.C., France) (NM)
INGRAM, Henry – Claygate Cross, Boro’ Green (R)
INGRAM, John Gerald – Claygate Cross, Boro’ Green (NM)
INGRAM, Phillip Maurice – Claygate Cross, Boro’ Green (R)

JONES, Jane – Platt Common, Boro’ Green (R)

LACY, Richard – Paxton Cottages, Boro’ Green (NM)
LADAMS, Frank John – 13 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (29599, L/c., B Co., 11th Queen’s R.N.S. Regiment, B.E.F.) (NM)
LADAMS, William – 13 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (C Sub. 135th Heavy Bty., 83rd Brigade R.G.A., British Army on the Rhine.) (NM)
LARKING, Frederick Charles, 2 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (R)
LOWE, Arthur – Bridge House, Basted, Platt (NM)
LOWE, Herbert – Bridge House, Basted, Platt (NM)

MARTIN, Charles William – Wrotham Heath (R)
MARTIN, Christina – Crouch Farm, Boro’ Green (R)

NEAVES, Bertie Vernon – Brickfield, Platt (NM)

OTHEN, Arthur – Wrotham Heath (R)

PEARSON, Reginald William – Romney House, Platt (R)
PIPER, Thomas – Crouch (R)
POIL, George – Claygate Cross, Boro’ Green (R)

RAYFIELD, Albert Edward – Claygate Cross, Boro’ Green (R)
RAYFIELD, Charles John – Claygate Cross, Boro’ Green (R)
ROBERTS, Alfred John – Nepicar House, Wrotham Heath (NM)

SALES, Stanley Herbert – Sobraon Villas, Platt (R)
SANDS, Francis – The Gowels, Crouch, Boro’ Green (NM)
SAXBY, Ernest George – Brickmakers’ Arms, Platt (R)
SPARKS, John Thomas – Platt (R)
SUTTON, Alfred George – Lady Lees, Wrotham Heath (R)

TAYLOR, George – 3 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (R)
TERRY, Albert John – 9 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (Pte. 1773, E Co., 3rd R.W.K., Fort Darland, Chatham) (NM)
THACKER, Alexander – 8 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (R)
THACKER, Percy George – St. Mary’s Platt (NM)
THOMAS, Dale Carmichael – The Mount Cottage, Platt (NM)
THOMAS, Noel – The Mount Cottage, Platt (NM)
TREAGUS, Allum – Claygate Cross, Boro’ Green (R)
TRIBE, Albert – 6 Whatcote Cottages, Platt (R)
TURNER, Charles Austin Charlewood – Warren Wood, Wrotham Heath (NM)

USHER, Arthur Frederick – Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath (NM)

WEBB, William – George Cottages, Crouch, Boro’ Green (R)

WICKENS, Frederick – Wrotham Heath (NM)

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