Platt Parish Soldiers 1914 – 1918

Around 200 men from Platt Parish are known to have served in uniform between 1914 and 1918. We are currently compiling a list of names featuring all men who fought in the war. If you are related to anyone below, or know of any other men you think should be listed on this page we would be grateful to hear from you.

No.Rank/RatingSurnameForename(s)UnitsResidence in Platt
265371Pte.ABRAAlfred Henry1st/5th Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), Kent Cyclist BattalionCrouch, Boro' Green
G/4957Pte.ANDREWSRichard Flaxon6th (Service) Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Railway Cottages, Wrotham Heath
G/768Pte.ASHDOWNHenry Herbert6th (Service) Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)7 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
T3/028792, 562008Pte.ASHDOWNFrederick Cyril580 Agricultural Coy, Labour Corps7 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
BAILEYAaronWrotham Heath
BAILEYAlbert WilliamWrotham Heath
BAKERJohn WilliamChurch House, Wrotham Heath
7187Pte.BALDWINJoseph1st Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)17 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
11176Pte.BANCEGeorge10th (Service) Bn (Kent County), The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Upper Platt, Beechin Wood
K47049Sto.BANCEGeorge ThomasHMS Columbine, Royal NavyBeechin Wood Cottages, Upper Platt
126854Pte.BANCEHarryMachine Gun CorpsHolly Cottage, Maidstone Road, Platt
126854Pte.BANCEJames11th (Service) Bn, King's Royal Rifle CorpsMascall Cottages, Platt
K47052Sto.BANCEJohn WilliamHMS Crescent, Royal NavyBeechin Wood Cottages, Upper Platt
TF/3389, 201012Pte.BANCEThomas2nd/4th Bn. The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Hazel's Cottages, Platt Brickyard, Platt
K38103Sto.BANCEWilliam GeorgeHMS Pelorus, Royal NavyRailway Cottages, Wrotham Heath
6442, 28289, 235231Pte.BATHURSTAlfred1st/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment, Regiment, 8th (Service) Bn, Lincolnshire RegimentIvy Cottage, Crouch
911578, 3791Gnr.BATHURSTDavidRoyal Field Artillery, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Ivy Cottage, Crouch
103518Gnr.BATHURSTGeorge10th Divisional Ammunition Column, Royal Field ArtilleryIvy Cottage, Crouch
72173Pte.BEADLEHenryRoyal Army Medical CorpsComp, Boro' Green
F14342ACM1BENNETTHugh CecilRoyal Naval Air ServiceFairseat House, Boro' Green
4201Pte.BENNETTThomas7th (Service) Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)2 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
G/10348Pte.BESTEdwin Ernest1st Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
G/10860Pte.BISHErnest Frank10th (Service) and 2nd Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Windmill Cottage, Wrotham Heath
135518Cpl.BOLTONJackEast Yorkshire Regiment, Royal Flying Corps3 Maddox Cottages, Platt
10935, 6449Cpl.BOSSONSArthurMachine Gun Corps, Queen's (Royal West Surrey) RegimentKent Cottage, Boro' Green
G/4321Pte.BOWENAlbert8th (Service) Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Railway Cottages, Wrotham Heath
G/4054Pte.BOWENAlbert Victor7th, 11th & 10th Bn The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Forge Cottages, Wrotham Heath
K29800Sto.BOWENHarry CecilRoyal Navy (H.M.S. Diligence)Wrotham Heath, Kent
68310Gnr.BOWENJohn William'A' Battery, 59th Brigade, Royal Field ArtilleryRailway Cottages, Wrotham Heath
G/28264, 495225Pte.BOWENRaymond Frederick1st/4th Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 110 Coy, RASC, 13th (County of London) Battalion (Princess Louise's Kensington Battalion)Railway Cottages, Wrotham Heath
12880Rfl.BOWENReginald Ernest11th (Service) Bn, King's Royal Rifle Regiment5 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
G/2109L/Cpl.BOWENSydney Horace7th (Service) Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)5 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
7385, 781089, 57394Pte.BRADFORDHarry1st/7th, 29th (City of London) Bn, London Regiment, 6th Bn, Welsh RegimentGodstone Road, Platt
5344, 341921Pte.BRADLEYGus Leopold Diplock14th Bn London Regiment (London Scottish), Labour CorpsYew Tree Farm, Platt
185662S/Sgt.BRADLEYWilliam DiplockBase Details, Royal Garrison ArtilleryYew Tree Farm, Platt
9583Pte.BRIDGLANDSidney1st Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) attached to 6th Divisional Trench Mortar BattalionBasted Hill, Crouch
3327Pte.BROADCharles Mark4th Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 1st/5th (Weald of Kent) Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)The Forge, Wrotham Heath
M2/01599Dvr.BROADFrank3rd Ech. G.HQ, Royal Army Service CorpsWrotham Heath, Kent
BROADGeorgePlatt Brickyard, Boro' Green
8026, 68420Dvr.BROADGeorge Frederick2nd Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Regiment), 19th Brigade, Royal Field ArtilleryWrotham Heath, Kent
26140, 56499Pte.BROADJohn14th (Labour) Battalion, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 95 Labour Coy, Labour CorpsCrouch Road, Platt
BROMLEYJohn ThomasWrotham Heath
L/9521Pte.BUSHFrancis2nd & 1st & 6th Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Claygate Cross, Boro' Green
106509Gnr.BUSHJesse JosephRoyal Field ArtilleryClaygate Cross, Boro' Green
L/9471L/Cpl.BUSHLeonard2nd & 6th & 8th Bn The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Claygate Cross, Boro' Green
M/31114Pte.BUSHSidney JamesATSC, Army Service CorpsClaygate Cross, Boro' Green
J10268ABBUSSJoseph RichardHMS Titania, Royal NavyChurch Cottage, Platt
39513, 586512Pte.BUSSWilliam James3rd & 8th Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment, Agricultural Coy, Labour CorpsCrouch, Boro' Green
BUTCHERFrederickWrotham Heath
2400L/Cpl.BYNEJames EdwardNo.3 Kent Bde Coy, ASC 2nd/1st HC Field Ambulance, Royal Army Medical Corps, 547 HT Coy & 510 HT Coy Army Service CorpsMill Hill, Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
J1442P.O. (1)CHEESMANSidney HerbertRoyal Navy (H.M.S. Lord Nelson)Ford Cottage, Platt
K15856Sto.COLEMANJabezHMS Bulldog, Royal NavyBasted, Boro' Green
COLLINSWilliam EdwardCrouch, Boro' Green
43215Pte.CORNERCharles William10th (Service) Bn, Essex Regiment7 Sobraon Villas, Platt
57063Sgt.COXRichard Henry Marchant26th Signal Coy, Royal Engineers6 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
3878CRIPPSGeorge1st/4th Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 10th (Service) Bn Rifle BrigadeNapps Wood, Platt
CROUCHCharles William7 Sobroan Villas, St. Mary's Platt
CROUCHWilliam JamesPlatt Common, Boro' Green
L/8763Pte.CROUCHERAlbert Edward1st Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Paxton Cottage, Crouch
128342S/Sgt.DUNNWilliam DavidArmy Service Corps15 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
10930, 149661Pte.ELDRIDGEWilliam CharlesThe Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), Machine Gun CorpsCrow Hill, Boro' Green
612231A/Bdr.ELLISEdwin11th Brigade, 'A' Battery, 124th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
48408Gnr.ELLISJames11th Brigade, 'A' Battery, 4th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
61692L/Cpl.ELLISThomas Samuel51st Bn, Rifle BrigadeCrouch House Cottage, Crouch
249159Pte.EVANSAlbert592 Agricultural Coy, Labour Corps2 Sobraon Villas, Platt
<13744/td>Pte.EVANSAlfred Luke2nd Bn Coldstream GuardsWrotham Heath
G/10320Pte.EVANSErnest George10th (Service) Bn (Kent County) The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Railway Cottages, Wrotham Heath
46567Rfl.EVANSHorace4th Bn Rifle Brigade11 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
EVANSJohnWrotham Heath
EVENDENThomasPlatt, Boro' Green
M18588Ck. Mte.FEATHERSTONELeslieRoyal NavyNursery Cottage, Boro' Green
116614, 292078Pte.FISHERWilliam John5th Labour Bn Royal Engineers, Southern Command Labour CorpsPlatt Farm, Boro' Green
21093Pte.FRENCHStuart Charles11th Battalion, Highland Light InfantryWrotham
GARDENERHenry RogerBasted, Boro' Green
2726, 270367L/Cpl.GASCOINEWilliam John10th & 6th Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)Mill Cottage, Platt
210502Dvr.GASSONFrederick James27 Reserve Battery, Royal Field Artillery16 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
15900BoyGEDDESJohnRoyal Air ForceGreat Comp, Boro' Green
GILBERTAlick Hugh16 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
3849Pte.GILBERTCharles Alfred3rd Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)16 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
51287Rfl.GILBERTHarry StringerRifle Brigade (the Prince Consort's Own) attached to the 2nd/17th (County of London) Bn (Poplar & Stepney Rifles), London Regiment2 Maddox Cottages, Platt
40204, 49008Rfl.GILBERTWalter Sidney2nd/16th (County of London) Bn (Queen's Westminster Rifles) London RegimentBrick maker's Arms, Platt
C/4677Rfl.GOODSELLCecil19th (Reserve) & 17th (Service) Bn (British Empire League) King's Royal Rifle CorpsFord Farm, Wrotham Heath
MajorGRACEPercy Russell20th Reserve Wing, Royal Flying CorpsWrotham Heath House, Wrotham Heath
GREENWilliamThe Lodge, Crouch Lane, Boro' Green
11362Pte.HARMERReginald ClaudeTraining Centre, Army Cyclist CorpsGeneral Stores, Wrotham Heath
TF/4039, 201369Pte.HASELDENCharles1st/4th Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Wrotham Heath
9583, 61183Cpl.HAVERSJohn William2nd Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), Machine Gun Corps6 Sobraon Villas, Platt
63435Rfl.HAYESArthur George13th Bn Kings Rifle RegimentWrotham Heath
T3/029217, 51295Dvr.HAYESHerbert Thomas56th Field Ambulance, Army Service Corps, 1st Bn, Cheshire RegimentWrotham Heath
TF/2661, 200992Pte.HAYESLouis William2nd/4th Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Railway Cottages, Wrotham Heath
4317, 307275Pnr.HAYESVincent AbellThe Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), Royal EngineersWrotham Heath
31840Pte.HIGGINSGeorge Edward6th Bn Royal West Kent Regiment3 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
45876Pte.HIGGINSJames Frederick15th Bn Suffolk RegimentPlatt Common, Platt
210612Dvr.HILLSWalter StephenRoyal Field ArtilleryNursery Cottages, Platt
Lieut.HOBLYNHarry Beverley1-3, Honourable Artillery CompanyWarren Wood, Wrotham Heath
30872nd Lieut.HOBLYNWalter Frederick28th (County of London) Bn, The London Regiment (Artists Rifles), 4th Bn Coldstream Guards (Pioneers)Warren Wood, Wrotham Heath
M/322660Pte.HOGBENCharles Henry618 (MT) Coy, Army Service CorpsCrouch Road, Platt
201476Pte.HOLLANDSFrederick John4th Bn Royal West Kent RegimentHigh Street, Boro' Green
5288, 251244Pte.HOLLANDSRennie Arthur5th, 2nd/6th Durham Light InfantryWindmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
S/9180Pte.HOLLANDSSydney Alfred1st Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Blue Anchor, Platt
263063Spr.HOLNESSGeorge ThomasRoyal Engineers2 Maddox Cottages, Platt
J58088ABHORSCROFTArthur FincastleHMS Victorious, Royal NavyCrouch Road, Boro' Green
3995, 408082Rfl.HOUNSELLArchibald Charles Clarence21st (County of London) Battalion (1st Surrey Rifles), 219 Squadron Royal Flying CorpsNursery House, Platt
55806Spr.HUMPHREYWalter112th Railway Coy, Royal EngineersPlatt, Boro' Green
M2/153872Pte.INGRAMDaniel FrederickArmy Service Corps, British Red Cross SocietyClaygate Cross, Boro' Green
G/28771Pte.INGRAMFrederick Ellis7th (Service) Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Crouch, Boro' Green
M3815JoinerINGRAMJohn GeraldHMS Erin, Royal NavyClaygate Cross, Boro' Green
7223, 13116L/Cpl.INGRAMPhilip Maurice4th Dragoon GuardsCrouch, Boro' Green
179712L/Bdr.JANES MMGeorge Ephraim286th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery12 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
G/13095, G15677, GS/102180Pte.JOBLeonard Charles3rd & 9th Royal Sussex Regiment, 873 Coy. Labour Corps, 43rd Royal FusiliersWrotham Heath Golf Club
33558Pte.LACEYGeorge John1st Bn East Surrey RegimentPaxton Cottages, Crouch
J12892ABLACEYRichardHMS Enterprise, Royal NavyPaxton Cottages, Crouch
G/29599Pte.LADHAMSJohn Frederick11th Bn The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment13 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
LADHAMSWilliam135th Heavy Battery, 8rd Brigade, Royal Garrison Artillery13 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
1216, TS/1787RRLAKEReginald Maurice3rd County of London Yeomanry Reserve, AA Coy Remounts, Army Service CorpsBasted Farm, Boro' Green
LANEJamesPaxton Cottage, Crouch, Boro' Green
LARKINEdwardPlatt, Boro' Green
LARKINGTom2 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
5061Pte.LARKING,Frederick Charles8th Bn The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)2 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
T4/058228, 38131, WR/286792Dvr.LAWRENCEAlfred Herbert RoseArmy Service Corps, 109 RTE Royal EngineersComp, Boro' Green
Capt.LOWGavinRoyal EngineersFalhalla, Platt Road, Boro' Green
2298, 3204, 200755L/Cpl.LOWEArthur2nd/4th The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Bridge House, Basted, Boro' Green
200414A/Sgt.LOWEHerbert1st/4th Bn The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Bridge House, Basted, Boro' Green
LOWEJamesBasted, Boro' Green
J/10979ABLUCKPercy SidneyRoyal Navy (HMS Diligence)Platt, Boro' Green
6305, 96905LUXFORDFrederick WilliamMachine Gun Corps, 18 Battalion, B Coy Tank CorpsWrotham Heath
MARTINCharles WilliamWrotham Heath
MARTINHenry JosephWindmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
Capt.MCDERMOTTGeraldArmy Service CorpsBracken Hill, Platt
682403, 51047Pte.MERRITTArthur George2nd/22nd (County of London) Bn (The Queen's) London Regiment, King's Royal Rifle CorpsPlatt Common
11542Rfl.MERRITTWilliam Thomas2nd Bn King's Royal Rifle CorpsBasted, Boro' Green
103622Pte.MOUNTGeorge Arthur19th (Service) Bn Middlesex Regiment (2nd Public Works Pioneers)Upper Platt, Boro' Green
48696Pte.MOUNTWilliam Edward9th Bn Northamptonshire RegimentUpper Platt, Boro' Green
69512Spr.NEAVESBertie VernonRoyal EngineersBrickfield, Platt
34749Pte.NEAVESWilliam Leslie1st Bn East Surrey RegimentBrickfield, Platt
61654Sgt.NEWMANEdward George'B' Sub-Section, Gun Detachment, D/94th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery1 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
T3/029211Dvr.OTHENArthur152 (HT) Coy. Att. 54 Field Ambulance, RASCWrotham Heath
13194Pte.PARRISAlfred Leonard2nd Bn Grenadier GuardsCrouch, Boro' Green
18528, 2645Gdsm.PARRISErnest HenryGrenadier Guards, Guards Machine Gun Regiment15 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
13567Cpl.PARRISFrederick Thomas3rd Grenadier Guards15 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
G/71666Pte.PARRISGeorge Louis24th Bn Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)15 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
PS/747Pte.PASCALLThomas Osborne19th (Service) Bn (2nd Public Schools) Royal FusiliersHolly Mount, Platt
PEARSONReginald WilliamRomney House, Platt
F/228868AM1PIERCEFrederick PelhamRoyal Navy/Royal Air ForceHillside, Platt
31267L/Cpl.PIERCEFrederick GeorgeRoyal EngineersLittle Comp Farm, Boro' Green
28969Sgt.PIERCEHerbert SidneyRoyal EngineersHillside, Platt
G/34100Pte.PIERCEWilliam Thomas9th & 2nd Bn Royal Sussex RegimentHighland Farm, Comp
G/2106Pte.PIPERJoel8th (Service) Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Crouch, Boro' Green
G/2106Pte.PIPERPeter6th (Service) Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Crouch, Boro' Green
T4/037920Cpl.PIPERThomasNo.1 HT Reception Park, Army Service CorpsCrouch, Boro' Green
61283L/Bdr.PITMANCecil Charles50 H.A.G. Royal Garrison ArtilleryNepicar House, Wrotham Heath
J61339ABPOILGeorgeHMS Leander, Royal NavyClaygate Cross, Boro' Green
J18714ABPOILJohnHMS Cyclamen, Royal NavytClaygate Cross, Boro' Green
PRATTBenjamin GeorgeWrotham Heath
PRENTICEArthurHollymount, Platt
R/1808Rfl.RAYFIELDAlbert Edward11th & 9th Bn. Kings Royal Rifle CorpsCrouch, Boro' Green
8095Pte.RAYFIELDCharles John7th Dragoon GuardsClaygate Cross, Boro' Green
59493, 34768Pte.REEVESBertie James11th (Service) Bn (Pioneers) Durham Light Infantry, 12th (Service) Bn (Teesside Pioneers), Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment)Upper Platt, Boro' Green
Engineer Rear-AdmiralRILEYWilliam HenryRoyal NavyBeechin Wood, Upper Platt
ROBERTSAlfred JohnNepicar House, Wrotham Heath
L/10939L/Cpl.ROBERTSWalter2nd Bn, The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Wrotham Heath
122689Dvr.ROGERSEdward George232 Artillery Brigade, Royal Field ArtilleryWindmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
S/25044Rfl.ROGERSWilliam Henry2nd Bn Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort's Own)Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
110016, 5039Pte.ROSEErnestThe Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 21st Bn, Machine Gun CorpsWindmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
G/5487Pte.ROSEErnest Sion2nd Bn, Royal West Surrey RegimentWindmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
547, 317157, 226047, 1415868Dvr.RYADEANJames Smith1st/1st Home Counties (Kent) Heavy Battery, RGA, 5th Battery, Royal Garrison ArtilleryAskew Bridge, Platt
3914, 35070Pte.SANDSFrancis Leonard6th Bn The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), Bedfordshire RegimentThe Gowels, Crouch, Boro' Green
S4/128407Cpl.SAUNDERSAlbertRoyal Army Service Corps16 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
TF/3514L/CplSAXBYErnest George4th Bn The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Brick maker's Arms, Platt
4960Cpl.SEARS MMStephen John1st Bn The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
G/2114Pte.SPARKSArthur Victor7th Bn The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)4 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
SPARKSThomas4 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
SPARKSWilliam4 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
34185, 84399Pte.STRATTONWilliamNo.3 Infantry Labour Coy, Northants Regiment, 897 AE Coy, Labour CorpsGlebe Lodge, Platt
9250, 56850Pte.SUMMERSFrederick Charles1st & 2nd Bn The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 2nd (Garrison) Bn Northumberland FusiliersCrouch, Boro' Green
G/1773Pte.TERRYAlbert John7th (Service) & 10th (Service) Bn (Kent County) The Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)9 Whatcote Cottages, Platt
TERRYErnest RichardPlatt Common
4/9314, 204058Pte.TERRYFrancis John1st/4th Northumberland FusiliersGodstone Road, Platt
K39124Sto.THACKERPercy GeorgeHMS Attentive, Royal NavyUpper Platt, Boro' Green
1930Cpt.THOMASDale Carmichael7th (City of London) Bn, The London Regiment, Royal Army Service CorpsThe Mount Cottage, Boro' Green
1746Cpt.THOMASNoel7th (City of London) Bn London Regiment, Royal Army Service CorpsThe Mount Cottage, Boro' Green
R/966Rfl.THORNDYCRAFT MMReginald Frank11th (Service) Bn King's Royal Rifle CorpsBasted Lodge, Boro' Green
Cpt.TURNERCharles Austin Charlewood2nd Bn, The Connaught RangersWarren Wood, Wrotham Heath
USHERArthur FrederickWindmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
1866Pte.WEBBWilliam7th (Service) Bn The Queen's Own (Royal West kent Regiment)Basted, Boro' Green
37407AM1WEIRThomas Logan19 & 244 Squadrons, Royal Air ForceComp Corner, Wrotham Heath
10522Pte.WESTEdward5th Bn, Princess Charlotte of Wales's (Royal Berkshire Regiment)Pangbourne, Berkshire (lived on Godstone Road, Platt)
WICKENSFrederickWrotham Heath
91189Bdr.WILLMERWilliamHQ 36th Divisional. Artillery, RFAFir Tree Cottage, Wrotham Heath
WISBYGeorgeGeorge Cottage, Crouch, Boro' Green
39, 54008, WR/10383Spr.WOLFEAlbert342 Coy, Royal EngineersPlatt, Boro' Green
K38960Sto.WOLFEHorace CecilRoyal NavyBrickyard, Platt
53010Pte.WOLFEThomas2nd/1st West Kent Yeomanry, 1st/8th (Cyclist) Bn Essex RegimentPotash Farm, Platt