April 2024

Last month saw us hold our hall AGM at which there was a good turnout in the main due to the installation of the ANPR system to our carpark with a number of school parents strongly opposed to it. However, as was stated at the meeting, and before, it is not the responsibility of the Memorial hall to provide parking for the school although our door is always open for discussion.

We should also clarify a point written in the ‘Letter To The Editor’ printed in last month’s magazine which read ‘An insight into the small-mindedness of someone associated with the Memorial hall is that last week TMBC parking team was contacted to report cars parked on yellow lines along Platinum Way, as a result two wardens were dispatched to check the situation.’

Firstly this is not the first time wardens have attended, as tickets have previously been issued on at least one other occasion, secondly no one from the Memorial hall contacted TMBC it was in fact The Parish Council. We await a written apology.

As part of always trying to improve on what we offer we have decided to invest in some Outdoor Gym Equipment, we will have six pieces to start with, 3no for strength and 3no for Vascular, they will positioned in the grass on the north side of the hall, if successful we may well add to it. The equipment we intend to install is the same as Wrotham Village have in their recreation ground.

We are also going to erect a 1m high fence in the area of grass in front of the main hall’s folding doors on the eastern side; this will enable children to play outside in a secure enclosure certainly during the warmer months. Both of these items should be in place within the next couple of months.

Our gardening team of volunteers will be meeting as usual on April 20th and May 18th starting at around 9.30 am, please join us if you can for a couple of hours of light gardening a chat and refreshments