May 2024

If you have been to our hall lately, you will no doubt have noticed we have installed outdoor gym equipment on the grassed area to the north side of the hall. It is there for all to use; however, it is unsuitable for children. If you are a young adult 1.4m tall or above, it is okay to use, but please ensure you familiarise yourself with how to use the equipment before doing so; all pieces have instructions attached. We would advise Adult supervision for young adults who use the equipment. One of the pieces T`ai Chi spinners is temporary and will be replaced with the Air Skier when available from stock. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be laying some grass-protecting matting over this area.

If you just turn up to use this equipment by car, please remember the ANPR parking control. For the first hour now you can park for just 60p. If you are a hall user and you have validated your registration, it is free, of course.

Please note you can set up your Sippi pay account so that it automatically registers your car on arrival and departure so you don’t have to remember to register and pay every time without fear of a CPN ticket.

We also hope to get the Picket fence up and in place around the grassed area to the right front side of our hall; this will allow young children to play outside when the French doors can be opened during warmer months without fear of them running off.

Our next gardening dates are May 18th and June 15th starting around 9.30am if you can spare an hour or two please join us, our volunteer numbers are dwindling so extra help would be appreciated. Refreshments and a chat are always available on the day.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees