February 2024

As many of you will know, the ANPR is now in place and working. If you are a hall user, parking is free. On entering the hall, please use the keypad and follow the prompt to key in your car’s registration number; you need to do no more. On leaving the car park, you will automatically be logged out. If you return, you will need to enter your details again. You do not need to rush to log in, but please try to do it within 10 minutes of arriving. Failure to log in or pay, if a non-hall user, will result in a penalty fine of £60 if paid within 14 days; otherwise, it will be £100.

Some of you will know there has been much said on social media recently, with some very personal comments. The Trustees are responsible for the day-to-day running of our hall, which includes the car park. Unfortunately, over the last year especially, our car park has become the first choice for parking by parents when dropping off but, mainly, at pick-up time from school. We also feel there was, at times, careless and inconsiderate parking by some parents involving parking on the paved areas, outside the marked bays and in the disabled bays. This increased the risk of an accident.

Unfortunately, discussions with the school – and, on one occasion, with a KCC representative in attendance – resulted in a stalemate with no commitment or workable ideas on the table from the school. ANPR enables us to take back control of our car park but will also allow non-hall users to pay a small fee if they wish to use it. We did not want to install the system but felt we were left with little choice. Should a better, workable, alternative solution raise its head, we would listen.

Once again, we will be holding our Hall AGM on 11th March in the small hall starting at 8.00 pm. Please join us if you wish to discuss anything about our hall.

Saturday morning gardening dates are February 17th and March 16th.

Please join us if you can for an hour or two of light gardening duties, a chat and refreshments.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees