Local History

We shall be using this page to provide links to various other items of local historical interest that aren’t necessarily related to both World Wars.

H. G. Murphy

Henry George Murphy was born on 27th October 1884 at Birchington on Sea Kent. He was familiarly known throughout his life as ‘Harry’. Read more….

Platt School

By the start of the Great War, Platt School had been based in its current location for just over two years, Read More….

1911 Platt Parish Census

The 1911 UK census was taken on 2 April and is particularly poignant as it was the last census taken before the start of the Great War, Read more….

Vintage Postcards

A surprisingly large number of photographs were taken of the parish for use on postcards in the first two-decades of the 20th century. Read more….

Platt Woods

This article was written by Carine Cadby and illustrated with photographs by her husband who were living at the house at the top of Platt Common, Read more….

The Rev. John Brand

The Rev. John Brand was vicar in Platt throughout the Great War and prominent in supporting the community. Read more….

Finding A Fairy

‘Finding a Fairy’ was written by Carine Cadby and first published during 1917 by Mills & Boon. Read more….

Leonard Hollebon

Between 1948 and 1960 Commonwealth armed forces fought a guerilla war against the Malayan National Liberation Army. Read more….

First Platt Memorial Hall

In the summer of 1919, around the time an effigy of the Kaiser was being incinerated at Mount Cottage, others had been busy constructing a makeshift shrine… Read more….

Vintage Photographs

Various old photographs taken of Platt Parish during the first half of the 20th Century. Read more….

Parish Baptisms

Database of baptisms at Platt Church between August 1914 and November 1918. Read more….

Platt Society Archive

Digitised documents from the St. Mary’s Platt & District Society archive. Read more….

Captain C. A. C. Turner

Narrative describing the captivity of Captain Turner of the Connaught Rangers. Read more….

Parish Magazines 1939 – 1990

Scans of available Platt Parish Magazines from 1939 until 1990. Read more….