December 2023

On November 12th, we held our Ceremony of Remembrance at our Memorial Hall; as in previous years, we had a good turnout, with the rain just about holding off.

As reported in last month’s magazine we will be installing an ANPR parking system to help control our hall car park; this should be up and running by Christmas. There are many rumours circulating as to the reasoning behind this, but it is simply about taking back control of our car park and protecting the right of those who pay to use our hall to park there. We understand that this will affect many school parents at drop-off and pick-up times, but the school with whom we have had a discussion about the parking has its own car park, which we feel could be managed better, but instead, they have accepted the easier option of a car park across the road.

We are not saying you cannot use the hall car park, but like the people that use the hall, you will have to pay. This charge will be £1ph with a maximum stay of 4hrs. Payment will be made via an App with full instructions displayed around the car park once the system is installed. In addition to this, there will be ad-hoc visits by parking wardens to stop inconsiderate parking by people who choose to park on the paved areas, disabled bays without badges, or outside of marked bays. Failure to comply will result in a penalty fine.

If you are a hall user, parking will be free, but you will need to log in with your car registration number when you enter the hall; when you leave the car park, you will automatically be logged out. Once up and running, full instructions will be displayed with allowances for error during the first week.

Our gardening dates will continue throughout the winter months; however, they will be subject to the weather, so please check. Our December dates are Wednesday 6th and Saturday 16th, and Jan 3rd & 20th; please join us if you can from around 9.30 am for an hour or two; refreshments will be served.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees