October 2023

As reported last month, we will have decorators in the hall again for a one-week period starting on the 16th of October. They will be re-decorating the kitchen, toilets and lobby; this should not affect regular hall users however, you may need to take care and make some adjustments if using these facilities during day time.

After much consideration and discussion, the hall trustees have decided to put in place an ANPR car parking system at the hall to help control unauthorised parking in our carpark; this will not affect hall users who will be able to log in whilst using the hall’s facilities, with non-hall users having to pay a nominal charge to park. This should come into effect around the end of October. More details will follow in next month’s report.

October gardening dates will be Wednesday the 6th and Saturday the 21st, starting at around 9.30 am; please join us if you can for an hour or two for light gardening duties along with a chat and refreshments.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees