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The following individuals were recorded as being a member of the forces in the 1945 electoral roll for Platt Parish.

BANCE, Ronald Thomas, 2 Pine View Cots.
BANKS, Henry John Stephen, Stone Ridge
BECK, Jack, Fair View Cot., Crouch
BENNETT, Jean, Granville, Maidstone Road
BOURNE, Robert Henry, 2 Hope Cots.
BOWEN, John Harry, 2 Forest Villas
BOX, Geoffrey Norman Chisnell, Mill Cots.
BRADEN, Basil Otto, Rose Cot., St. Mary’s Platt

DAY, John Herbert, 12 Whatcote Cots.
DEDMAN, Eva Mary, 2 Forest Villas

EASDALE, Brian, Bonhill, Crouch
EASTON, Patrick Arthur, Roos
EATON, Henry Charles, Batts Cots., Crouch, Boro Green
EATON, Albert Henry, Batts Cots., Crouch, Boro Green
EVANS, Sidney George, 10 Pine View Cots.

GALPIN, Frank Harry, Patchways, St. Mary’s Platt
GASSON, Frederick James, 1 Mays Cots., Sandy Lane
GIBSON, Bertram Wilson, Mill Cot., St. Mary’s Platt
GIBSON, Charles Edward, Mill Cot.
GILHAM, Kenneth George, Holly Cot., Maidstone Road
GILHAM, Matthew John, Holly Cot., Maidstone Road
GRANHAM, Joan, 3 Pine View

HIGGINS, Charles William, 3 Whatcote Cots.
HIGGINS, Robert Leonard, Platt Common

JONES, Alan Hackett, Woodlands, Windmill Hill

LAKE, Philip Robartes, Platt Grange
LARKIN, Edwin, 2 Whatcote Cots.
LARKIN, Ivy Violet, 2 Whatcote Cots.
LEES, Geoffrey William, Runnymede, St. Mary’s Platt

MARMONT, Harold James, The Dairy
MAYNARD, Ivy May, 1 Brickfield Cots.

NEWNHAM, Jack, Hill View, St. Mary’s Platt

PEARSON, Leslie George, Romney House
PYLE, Desmond Elliot, Amherst Lodge

RUCK, Albert Richard, The Gowles Farm, Crouch Green

SPARKS, Nellie, 5 Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
STEVENSON, Thomas, 2 Sobraon Villas, St. Mary’s Platt
STUART WORTLEY, John Lionel, Stonebridge

TERRY, Jack, Platt Common, Borough Green

WALDOCK, Norman Bruce, Winfield House, Crouch
WEBB, Peter, Windyridge, Platt Common
WEBB, William Charles, 3 Maddox Cots.
WHITE, Reginald Capel, Dales

In addition to the above, the following from Wrotham Heath were registered in Wrotham parish:

ABNETT, Albert Ernest, 10 Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath
ALLMAN, Charles James, Shawborne, Nepicar

BANCE, Tom, Forge Cots., Wrotham Heath
BAYLEY, Millicent, Haughwood, Wrotham Heath
BROAD, Frederick Henry, The Bungalow, Wrotham Heath

CLIFTON, Louis Edward, 3 Marion Cots., Wrotham Heath

FARMAR, Julian Avenel, Millwood, Wrotham Heath

LOWES, Edward Eric, Meadow Cots., Wrotham Heath

MACKAY, John, Huntsman’s Lodge, Wrotham Heath
MARTIN, Peter Jack, Sandy Wood, Wrotham Heath

ORR, Ernest Augustus George Neill Beneke, Huntsman’s Lodge, Wrotham Heath

SPARKS, Reginald Alfred, 5 Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath

USHER, Frank Edwin, 13 Windmill Hill, Wrotham Heath

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