The Armistice Centenary in Platt

Between August and November 2018 we shall be marking the centenary of the Armistice in a variety of different ways around the community. For further information about these please select the + icon beneath each of the following items.

The Platt Woods WW1 History trail has now ended, and we thank you for your kind words about what became a popular activity for people of all ages in Platt over the summer months.

We hope you enjoyed the trail and would like to thank the Platt Fundraisers and Platt Woods Management Committee for making this possible.

From 8 August, and then every second day for 100 days, we shall be ‘bringing home’ the 49 Platt men commemorated on our WW1 memorial and erecting a small metal plaque featuring a photograph or cap badge of each outside, or near the house where they lived before the war. The starting date coincides with the Battle of Amiens, which subsequently marked the final stages of the war, and the tributes will be put up in the order that each man lost his life. On 10 November we shall collect all the plaques and arrange them in the hall gardens in time for Remembrance Sunday. After this, they will be on permanent display inside the hall. In addition to the Platt Fundraisers for making this project possible, we are very grateful to the residents who have agreed to have the plaques outside their houses.

We would like to invite anyone interested in being part of a fantastic afternoon of entertainment on the 11th to get in touch: armistice@plattmemorialhall.org or 886602. We are looking for actors, singers, musicians, dancers etc. of any age to put on a short performance on our stage that is ideally no longer than ten or fifteen minutes and related to, or set around the First World War period.

In the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday we have been given permission from Lionsgate Films to show the film version of R.C. Sherriff’s play ‘Journeys End’ which stars (among others) Asa Butterfield, Sam Claflin, Paul Bettany, Stephen Graham and Toby Jones. Set in the trenches around the time of the German Spring Offensive began in March 1918 the film is a powerful (and reassuringly faithful) adaptation of the stage production first performed in 1928 that starred a young Laurence Olivier. We shall be screening the film over three nights (5th, 7th and 9th November) with booking information to be made available shortly on our website and in the next Village News.

Over the coming months, The Royal British Legion is leading the nation in saying Thank You to those who served and sacrificed during World War One and inviting families, community groups and individuals to do this in whatever way they think appropriate. We would like to invite you to the hall where we will be setting up a small photographic studio in the committee room where you will be able to have a professional portrait made holding something belonging to, or related to, a family member who served in World War One you would like to thank. This could be an old photograph, medals or an item of uniform etc. and the person does not necessarily have to be someone from the military, they could have been active on the home front such as a munitions worker, VAD nurse or land army girl. We would like this to become a historical record of the people living in our community 100 years after the guns fell silent and our country began the journey to what it is today. The studio will be set up to accommodate one or two individuals in each portrait, however, if you have more people in your family who would like to express their gratitude we would be happy to photograph each individually. We currently have two dates (with a third booked provisionally if demand requires it) of the evening of 19th October (from 7:30 pm) and the morning of the 20th (from 10 am.) For more ideas of the sort of thing you might like to bring along, and the basic details we would need for each person you are remembering, please see our 2014 project with the children of Platt School: www.plattmemorialhall.org/centenary-book There will be an opportunity to buy prints of each portrait for a small fee to cover production costs, and then hopefully, a commemorative book, which you will also be able to purchase. For further information and queries please contact Scott Wishart at scott@plattwarmemorial.org or on 886602.

Coming soon! A short film by local filmmaker Scott Wishart remembering ALL the men and women from the parish who served in uniform during The Great War.

This year’s event will be taking place as usual at the Memorial Hall, however, as it is the anniversary of the end of the First World War there will be some differences, of which we shall provide further details in due course.

Before sunset on 10 November we are inviting anyone in Platt who may be interested to take part in reading out the names of ALL the men and women from the parish who served in uniform during WW1. In this final year of the centenary, we thought it should be important to remember everyone whether they returned home or not. There are about 200 individuals, and depending on interest, we are hoping to assign ten names per-reader. Subject to the weather, the event will take place outside the hall on the Memorial Square, and afterwards you are invited to come inside and view an exhibition about Platt during WW1.

In July the Parish Council made a successful grant application to the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust for an installation of four ‘There But Not There’ silhouettes. These will shortly be visible in the church, school and at the Memorial Hall.