April 2022

You should have received your Village News magazine just in time so that when you read this it will remind you of our AGM to be held on Monday 28th March, starting at 8.00pm in the small hall. Please join us if you can, to see how your hall is doing and to ask any question you may have regarding it, or how you think we may be able to improve it. Following the short meeting there will be wine and nibbles and time for a chat.

You may well have noticed that we now have a nice new fence along the OTG boundary, by courtesy of Baxalls. This was offered to us as a thank you for allowing them access to our land to run their services plus temporary supplies for water and electricity. We have also received from the Woodland Trust over 100 young sapling trees that have been planted along this fence in the hope that they grow into a colourful hedge. I should also mention that our next gardening Saturday will be April 16th, starting around 9.30am. Do join us if you can for an hour or two of light gardening duties, refreshments and a chat.

Before the new fences were erected for both the school and the hall around our site, we had Heras fencing erected for security. This was removed and Baxalls used it to secure the old school site. They have now purchased it from us on behalf of KCC and the trustees have decided to donate the proceeds (£1,033.00) to help with the humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine on behalf of our village.

We have now purchased 14no. 5-foot round Banquet Tables and tablecloths for use at the hall; these will incur an additional hire charge when used. They are not intended for everyday use but for those special functions such as dinner/dances and wedding receptions which are becoming more popular at our hall.

Just a reminder: if you wish to donate a tree for planting at the hall gardens as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative, maybe in memory of someone, please contact us.

Whilst we pay for some of our gardening requirements at the hall, much of the work is done by volunteers because they love gardening; this includes the Hardy Plants Society, who care and maintain the front bed. To all of you and especially Jane Jewitt, our overseer, we would like to say thank you for your time.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees