July – August 2021

There is little to report this month about our hall apart from confirming the latest government guidelines and data release which will not allow us to open our hall fully as planned on the 21st June, this means we will remain open only for exercise and fitness classes. Although subject to change we have now set a date to fully open on the 19th July.

With all the building work going on, including our own small extension and of course the school, our hall garden to the west and northern sides have taken a bit of a beating, the trench along the OTG side for the school electrical supply, and alterations to the retaining walls to the north. This has also caused the usual grass cutting routine to go a bit wayward

The rest of the garden is growing well and we will be planning to meet as usual for our gardening meet on the third Saturday of each month at around 9.30 am, please join us if you can spare an hour or two. Our kitchen will have to remain closed for another month so please bring your own refreshments. For further info on the garden please contact Jane Jewitt.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees