May 2021

May 17th sees our hall re-opening after being closed for almost 6 months due to Covid19. Under the government road map, we can open for the return of Fitness & Exercise as was the case back in September /October last year. We hope this will be followed by a full return on June 21st. During this period, all Covid19 rules and requirements will apply whilst using the hall, meaning the kitchen will remain closed.

Many of you will have seen the work carried out to the north boundary where we lost most of our garden and will have noticed the landscaping re-instated sloped rather towards the new retaining wall. We were not happy with this, so we spoke with KCC regarding this matter, and they have since agreed with us that this was unacceptable and have agreed to raise the retaining wall so that our garden/grassed area will be level, as it was before the work started.

April 17th saw the return of some volunteer gardening work taking place under the Covid 19 rules, which allows six people to meet outside; we will be meeting again on Saturday, May 15th from 9.30 am for an hour or two; please let Jane Jewitt know if you wish to attend so we can control numbers.

By the time you return to using the hall, we hope to have started our office/store extension, so please be aware of the building materials and work taking place on your return. Please check out our website or our Facebook page for all the latest information.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees