February 2021

Our hall remains closed in line with current government restrictions and guidelines during the Coronavirus pandemic and will do so for the foreseeable future. We have been fortunate enough to receive financial help from the government in line with the chancellor’s business support scheme, which has helped considerably during the last year.

If you have taken a walk past the hall in the last few weeks to see how the school build is progressing, you will have noticed we have now lost almost 90% of the north side of our planted garden area due to the realignment of the boundary between the school/hall land. We were able, with the help of Baxalls to relocate many of the trees and plants, fortunately. Encroachment into the grassed area will be reinstated by Baxalls once they have constructed retaining walls etc.

We have now adopted the online booking system provided by Hallmaster which is accessible via our website www.plattmemorialhall.org, with the bookings secretary`s role now in the hands of Rachael Melling, Barry Baker having stepped down at the end of December.

In next month’s report, we should be able to update progress with our small store/office extension and our AGM, which in a normal year would be held in March.

There are currently no gardening dates in the diary, however, we shall advise on this page when we can resume these.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees