October 2020

With our hall barely open a week; we had further government guideline changes announced on the 9th of September which affected the use of our hall. Unfortunately, these changes were not all black and white but have allowed so far for all but two of those groups wishing to return to carry on, all of which fall into the Exercise and Fitness category. We are pleased also to report that this far the measures reported last month as adopted under COVID guidelines with the cleaning and use of the hall appear to be working well.
Our gardens on the other hand are thriving and seem to have come out of the lockdown period well, looking stronger and better, this helped of course by the steady stream of volunteer gardeners who turn up plus the two paid gardeners who cut the grass/hedges and carry out general garden maintenance on a weekly basis
Our next Saturday gardening session (if allowed) will be October 17th when we are expecting to be manure spreading on the roses and other plants along with further bulb planting and of course the routine chores of weeding etc. Please join us if you can, unfortunately, there will be no refreshments served as the kitchen is closed, so do bring your own.
David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees