September 2020

As reported last month, we are pleased to report that our hall will be opening on September 7th with final arrangements being put in place to allow this to happen. Initially, we will be opening to regular hall users who wish to return Monday to Friday although will remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays until further notice. We do not feel that with the current guidelines in place, it would be safe to open and this will allow us to deep clean during the weekends as is required. All users will also be required to produce a risk assessment related to their activity which satisfies both the trustees and is in line with current government requirements.

Some of the measures we have put in place are to close both the kitchen and the ladies’ toilets. Ladies will be asked to use the disabled toilet; this is to avoid more than one person using at a time. Additionally, the ladies’ toilet will become a Covid-19 ‘waiting room’ required for in the event someone is taken ill while on the premises. We also wish to encourage users to bring their own refreshments and food, which is why we are closing the kitchen. There will also be restrictions on the gent’s toilets with only one urinal and one cubicle in operation. These measures will help with the cleaning process required, which includes cleaning all touchable surfaces with the sanitising equipment provided both before and after the hall is used, our hall cleaner will clean all surfaces, etc. at the end of each day with a deep clean at the weekend.

We will review these measures along with government guidelines on a weekly/monthly basis, all of which could be subject to immediate change.

If you use our hall, please help us keep it Covid-19 safe.

Our next gardening Saturday is September 19th from 9.30 am; please join us if you can for an hour or two. There will not be any refreshment served so please bring your own until further notice.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees