August 2020

July 18th saw the first Saturday morning gardening session since lockdown and we will now continue on as normal for August 15th being the date of our next gathering. Although the gardens lay idle from gardeners including grass cutting for close to three months they have survived incredibly well and currently are looking extremely good, even the moles have left. One obvious sign of the lockdown is the weeds which have started to grow in the carpark, these have since been treated. Do join us if you can on our next date at around 9.30 for as long as you can spare, subject of course to the coronavirus and social distant restrictions.

We have currently set September 7th as our target date to open the hall. As pointed out in last month’s report the trustees felt that the current requirements needed to safely open the hall to regular users were not practical. Our hall is run by volunteers with an honesty basis by key holders and the trustees felt we were unable to guarantee the cleanliness of the hall between users as is set out in the government guidelines currently in place, this along with the many other requirements that would be needed to safely open meant our doors have remained closed.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees