May 2020

Platt Memorial hall

Following Government guidelines and the even more stringent restrictions since our April report, the hall and gardens remain closed to all including gardening and maintenance. The exception to this being essential maintenance such as fire checks, security etc. This will be reviewed during the first week of May following the recent 3-week time scale set by the Government.

With the uncertainty of these extraordinary times, we all find ourselves in we have decided to delay the new store/office extension until we can see the light at the end of this tunnel, which most likely won’t be until next spring at the earliest. This time delay will also allow us to look for some sponsorship to help fund this project. To this end, we have once again engaged Tom Roberts to look at our options and to see what funding, if any, is out there. We can report our hall is in a strong position, so hopefully, we will be able to ride out this rather strange situation and get back to our normal lives.

If you get the opportunity, do visit either our website or our Facebook page to see all the latest news and photographs posted by Scott.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees