October 2019

Our hall is back to its normal weekly running schedule with autumn fast approaching, so not a lot to report this month, apart from reminding you of our monthly Saturday morning garden meet at the hall which, this month, is on 19th October and the following month will be on November 16th. Please join us if you can for an hour or two; refreshments are always served. We normally arrive from 9.30am.  One thing we can advise you about this month is that we will be holding our New Year’s Eve Party in the hall this year, on December 31st. It will be the usual format with DJ Graham. You will need to bring your own food and drink. Please keep the date in your diary; more information to follow next month.  Can I ask you, with parking restrictions still in place around the village, if you have cause to use the hall parking areas, please to be considerate to the regular hall users.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees