September 2019

When next you visit the hall you will see we have a height restricting barrier now at the entrance to the hall carpark, this we hope will help deter unwanted visitors. This can be opened on request should it be needed when hiring the hall for high vehicle access.

It has been noted that the hall carpark has been offered up as an alternative parking option with the current restrictions in place around the village. Our hall carpark can get very busy at times and whilst the hall and carpark is owned by our village we do not consider it a general use public carpark it is there for those that pay and use the hall’s facilities. With the current parking/access restrictions in place around our village please remember and consider that if you had hired the hall and could not park there you would be rather annoyed.

During August we have had the entrance lobby repainted plus the walls in the kitchen .both areas now look refreshed, we will be looking to freshen up other areas in due course.

We have as suggested put in an application to TMBC for ‘Additional storage area with small office’ to be sited at the rear of the hall which will connect to the existing storage area there. The ref no for this application is TM/19/1722/FL if you would like to view it; we expect a decision by early October.

Our next gardening Saturdays at the hall are September 21st & October 19th .Please join if you can? We generally meet around 9.30am for an hour or two with refreshments served as always.

We would love to see you there.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees