July 2019

With the recent problems surrounding the travellers hopefully behind us, normal daily life has returned to the Memorial Hall. However, this has brought to a head the decision by the trustees to fit a height-restricting barrier to help control and restrict access to the hall carpark. The barrier will be able to be opened for higher vehicles requiring access.

The long spell of heavy rain falling whilst I am writing this will do the gardens the world of good with the summer months approaching. The downside of this is, of course, that the weeds will also be growing in abundance and will need attention. Please join us, if you can help with this, on one of our Saturday morning garden working parties; the next dates will be July 20th and August 17th. Refreshments are served. It’s not overly hard work with a good chance to meet other friends and neighbours.  An extra thank you goes to Bob Davey who, in recent weeks, built the hazel hurdle wall along the bank running parallel with the Maidstone Road. This, we hope, will help control the erosion of this part of the garden not helped by the flooding that regularly occurs along this section of the Maidstone Road.

During the middle of August we will be having the entrance lobby painted as it is showing signs of wear and tear after three years of use. We are also pleased to see the reception chairs in the lobby are being well used and adding a welcoming feel to our hall.

David Vallance, Chair of Trustees