March 2019

Following our recent requests for an additional bench for the Memorial Square at the hall, I am pleased to say that by the time you are reading this there will be two more in place.

We would like to record our grateful thanks to both Platt Society whose members agreed to donate one, and also the Pierce family whose name is recorded on the WW1 Memorial Plaque at the hall and who have been associated with Platt for around 130 years. Thank you both.

In our ongoing efforts to improve our hall we are now having acoustic panels installed in the Committee room ,we hope they will prove just as successful as those installed in the large hall  as they should reduce the reverberation time by half, a huge benefit in terms of comfort for the larger gatherings.

As many of you know there are every day cups/mugs for general use in the hall kitchen with 20 new mugs recently added, following one or two complaints could we ask if you use them you please wash and return them clean, as you would like to find them.

Our Saturday morning garden sessions at the hall continue with the following dates, March 16th & April 20thplease join us for an hour or two if you can, it’s not too strenuous and Refreshments are always served.

The trustees would like to say a huge thankyou to Jane Jewitt and the regular team for turning up on each occasion (and many other during the course of the month) come rain or shine helping to keep our gardens looking good for all to see.

Our Hall AGM date to be held in the committee room is set for March 14thstarting at 8.00pm, please join us if you can refreshments in the form of wine and nibbles will be served after the meeting. If you are thinking of maybe joining our group of trustees please come along for a chat, you would be very welcome.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees