May 2017

As reported last month on the 1st April we prepared the ground and sowed the grass seed, and we are now pleased to report that with the help of a number of volunteers spending many hours watering these areas, the grass has now germinated. We had hoped for rain but it seems we are destined for a large water bill instead.

A further working party was held on the 22nd April and our next working day will be Saturday 20th May for general maintenance starting at 9.30am, please join us if you are able refreshments as always will be served.

With the view to the long term care of the gardens The W.I and Platt Society have offered to take care of two designated areas, if you belong to an organisation or group  who uses the hall and would consider this as an option please contact any Trustee for further information.

Our committee would like to pass on a very grateful thank you to Maz Montgomery and Jason Scott for the use of hand tools and for rotavating the open grassed areas. With the lack of rain and the ground being so hard without their mechanical support it would have been a real chore and a very time consuming one at that.

Again as reported last month we now have gates to the Memorial hall carpark, if you are a hall user we would ask you please to close the gate after your organisation or group finishes especially at night, as we are aware of what can only be termed as improper use during the evening / night. The small gate will be permanently locked in an effort to keep out Lorries and only be used as required.

If you are a hall user you may have noticed that we have put up temporary barriers to the edge of the paved area this is to try to discourage people parking there Please be aware this is The Memorial Square and is for pedestrians and emergency vehicles access only.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees, 883422