June 2017

In a little over a months’ time we will have had possession of our new hall for one year, and it was this time last year we were making plans for our official opening ceremony which was to be held on the 3rd September 2016

To celebrate this the Hall Trustees plan to hold on Sunday September 3rd a first birthday tea party in our hall, further information will be available in next month’s Village news and on the notice board that we now have on the wall outside the hall. Please feel free to advertise your clubs or events there or in the racks in the foyer, but please do not leave loose leaflets lying around as they will be removed.

With the 3rd of September in mind it has been suggested that in future years we might wish to resurrect the Village show which was normally held at this time every year, if we did it would be probably with a slightly different format.

If you would like the Village show to return please make your views known to any trustee so that we can gauge the interest and whether it would make a worthwhile return.

Our next gardening Saturday at the hall will be June 17th at 9.30am. Please join us if you can. Refreshments will as always be served.

David Vallance, Chairman of Trustees