28 April 2017

At last we have been able to reduce the frequency of watering now that the grass has started growing. When I drive along the A25 I can see green grass surrounding the hall.

There is still some planting to be done but with the weather so dry and the soil as hard as rock in places it must wait for another day. This morning’s working party were set on weeding. It  might not be the most exciting part of gardening but when you are close to the ground you notice what is thriving and what is struggling. There was a mystery plant in flower on the bank that looked a little like a wallflower and a little like a pansy with yellow flowers and dark green leaves. When I looked it up later it appeared to be wild mustard.

There were not as many folk as on previous working parties, but it was encouraging to see one new person, and as word gets around I am hoping that more new faces from the village will be joining us and helping to create this new garden. Thank you to all who came and I hope you had an enjoyable morning.

A  few days after the working party I met Alexander Hunt at the garden as I wanted him to see the trees he had so kindly donated. I wanted him to see where we had planted them and to get his thoughts on their cultivation. I am very glad to say that he was very happy with them, and all that was required were stronger stakes.

I know I said that it was too dry to do more planting but  I felt that the bed near to the hall entrance was very important, being very visible to everyone, either on foot or by car. David Vallance had  hard job putting the rotivator over it as the soil was so very hard and dry. The rotivator was bouncing off the surface rather than digging in. However with a of determation and persistance the bed was cleared and made workable. Once it was done I had a mini-working party to clean up the surface weeds and I planted it on the following day. It has given the garden a completed appearance,  and I hope that the little plants will start to flower before too long.