15 July 2017

What is it to be British? The stiff upper lip of the British bulldog? I don’t think so. I think the lips are turned down in a frown. It’s too hot, it’s too windy, it’s too cold, it’s too wet. We complain about the weather whatever it brings, but what else would we talk about?

We have had some marvellous weather, a prolonged period of beautiful blue skies and days for basking in the sun, followed by sultry sumer nights. It had to come to an end, and has been followed by cooler weather accompained by more rain than we have seen for many months.

I believe that the recent rains have been a saviour for our garden. They have saved us from hours of watering and have given  the plants a real boost just when things were starting to look critical.

Thanks to a good weeding session last time, today’s working party was lighter work, which was fortunate as it was not as well attended as earlier in the year. All thanks to those that turned up and worked so hard.

But, given the lower numbers we still had a very productive morning. There were fewer people to chat to! We can now easily see what is growing best on the site. Remember, only just over a year ago it was a building site.

Jane Jewitt

All images © Scott Wishart, 2017