April Fool’s Day

It was a lovely sunny day, and plenty of folk turned out for this morning’s working party. Our task today was to sow the grass seed.

A few days beforehand, William Pierce’s son-in-law Jason had very kindly found the time to bring his tractor to the site and he raked over the whole area, smoothing it and exposing the stones. We are very grateful to him as we know spring is a very busy time of year for farmers.

We had some wide rakes and two seed spreaders from Maz and Jason and we raked and raked, working to remove stones to get to that “fine tilth” talked of in all the best gardening books. By midday the surface was good enough and then it didn’t seem to take a minute to get the grass seed down.

I raked over the grass seed and watered it in, at least all that I could reach with the hose.  As I was finishing the rain started, and it was a decent shower. I have never been happier to get soaked, the areas I hadn’t been able to reach were getting a drop of rain.

Ten days later I lay flat on my stomach and eyed along the seeded area. I saw little green shoots of grass. What bliss and joy! I had all but given that we would see any growth at all. The weather has been hot and sunny, windy and dry; we have had no rain at all since the seed went down.

We have been taking turns in watering the seed every two or three days. It was vital that the seed did not dry out. It needed to be kept damp for it to germinate. Thank you to everyone who has taken a turn to water.

What a team and what success!

Jane Jewitt