9 June 2018

Today’s working party coincided with Platt School Fair held nearby on their playing field, and I enjoyed listening to their music during our morning’s work!

It was very uplifting to hear praise for our garden from virtually everyone who passed by, and they all commented on how lovely it looked. It was so heart-warming to hear such praise! Some folk asked what particular plants were, others asked, is that such-and-such? There was so much interest shown, and one little boy even ran down the steps and exclaimed, ‘Look, it’s a real poppy petal!’

The daisies and poppies were all in full flower, and there are masses of them! We have oriental poppies, peonies, geraniums, spirea, cistus, stachys, roses, osteospermum, and heaven knows what I have forgotten, it all looked beautiful.

I wonder if some of those folk who passed by would be prepared to spend an hour or two with us and help us to keep the garden looking so good? The hall is very popular because it offers excellent modern facilities, it is by far and away the best hall for miles around and makes an exceptional venue for any event. Plus it is set against the backdrop of beautiful surroundings making it all the more special.

Platt residents and hall users, parents and friends, I am inviting you all to come and help maintain our very precious Memorial Garden. If we had more people volunteering to help, we could achieve much more, and the workload could be spread more evenly as it does always fall on a small band of regular helpers. If you are unsure that you have the gardening skills, there are people on hand who would be very happy to help and guide you.

How often is it said that in today’s world of technological gadgets, more and more complex every week, that to give your brain a rest and a bit of space and time in nature, getting back to the essentials is very healing and has enormous benefits for your health? I am sure you will have heard it said recently in the press that overuse of electronic gadgets, the things that we are all addicted to, is damaging to our minds and memories and it has been proven that hospital patients recovered more quickly when they were able to look out towards a garden or even just a tree.

What better reason could you have for wanting to come and join our regular working parties?

Jane Jewitt