19 May 2018

The day of Harry and Meghan’s wedding was possibly not the best of days to choose for our working party. Inevitably we were low on numbers as other things were going on. But we enjoyed the lovely warm sunshine and did manage to do a lot.

The second wildflower bed in the centre of the car park was already looking wonderful as plants that had overwintered were already in bloom. Bob and Sandy struggled to break through the rock hard surface to reach damp soil underneath so that they could get a fork into the ground. They did an excellent job of cultivating the area, and we are looking forward to seeing those beautiful wildflower mixtures again this year.

There were more plants to put in than I had expected, we are continuing to fill in gaps and enrich the garden. The first bank that was planted is now looking full and lush, and I hope that by this time next year I can say the same for the other banks. They are more difficult, steeper and covered in couch grass.

The whole garden was treated to a generous watering as it has been extremely dry for weeks, and the surface baked hard. In contrast, the soil under the Mypex fabric was nice and moist. I am thoroughly enjoying this spell of good weather, especially after the longest winter for many a year.

Jane Jewitt