28 April 2018

On Saturday 28th April we had another very productive working party. The weather was dull – neither too hot or too cold, so it was easy to work all morning long. We did some planting and preparations for future planting as well as the usual weeding.

The garden is starting to fill in, thanks in no small part to the Hardy Plants Society who have taken on the area close to the main door, planting it up with lots of tulips and interesting perennials. I will be watching to see what comes up as the season progresses. It is bound to be good, and if we are not careful they will be putting the rest of the garden to shame, so we will have to up our game! However, you may remember that we still have some tricky areas to deal with – I am mainly thinking of those steep banks which became even more precarious on Saturday after David and Ewan threw a trailer load of horse manure onto the area making it so slippery!

We have lost a few plants after the recent cold spell, some of which are not generally affected by the cold so it must have been the combination of the heavy frosts and damp that damaged them. Some will recover, but not all, unfortunately.

The wildflower area was dug over and sown with the same wildflower mix as last year, I am looking forward to seeing those fabulous colours come back.

Thank you to everyone who came along to help, and thanks too for the coffee and bacon baguettes. The coffee break is a good time for people to have a chat and re-energise for the remainder of the morning.

Jane Jewitt