17 February 2018

It was a sunny and frosty morning when the working party gathered for the second meeting of the year. When there is a layer of frost on the ground in winter, it is easy to see the areas of the garden that stays longest in the shade.

The hedging alongside Platinum Way had been in a sorry state, and I am determined that this year we will make it a priority to keep it free from weeds and allow it to grow. Last month a section had been weeded and replanted with hornbeam, and now the planting has been completed. Like so many of our plants, all the hedging plants were donated by working party folk.

It was impossible to weed the Platt Society bank as it was carpeted with snowdrops which are one of my favourite plants, very charming – but extremely tough. Alongside the snowdrops are pretty yellow primroses, and they look beautiful together.

There is one level area of ground that was not cultivated last year, and so today it was dug over and covered with bark chippings. I hope that next time we will be able to plant evergreen winter flowering shrubs, which would be ideal.

It is interesting to see what has flourished in the first year, and what is slower to establish. Last summer there were some plants that I had thought would not make it, but I look at them now, and they are looking strong and healthy making me glad I wasn’t too hasty with my spade!

Thank you to all who came and worked last Saturday morning. And as ever, thank you for the warming coffee and sausage baguettes. I hope to see you and your friends next time.

Jane Jewitt