6 January 2018

The Platt War Memorial Hall Garden is a year old!

If you recall, we planted the roses and the saplings donated by the Woodland Trust in December 2016 and as 2017 progressed we gradually populated the bank alongside the hall, the Christmas tree bed, the wildflower areas and much more. The planting was concentrated close to the gate and the hall entrance with many of the plants donated, either as a result of my begging emails or given to us by kind Platt residents. We have used everything, and it has saved the hall an awful lot of money.

Do you remember when we sowed the grass seed, and how hot, dry and windy it was in the following weeks? I created a rota for volunteers to water the new seed and recall the many hours spent by all making sure it didn’t dry out. What a relief it was the day I lay on the ground and saw the first green shoots pushing through the spoil.

We have come a long way together. There are still some areas to be planted; however, only a small proportion of the garden is yet to be tackled which made me realise just how much work we did on those Saturday mornings last year. We achieved an enormous amount, and everyone who came to help must share the credit.

At our first working party of 2018, we talked about what remains to be done, and what we want to achieve this year. The morning was spent tidying and checking, and hopefully next month the weather will be warmer and the sun higher in the sky.

As ever, I want to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone who came to help. And thank you for the baguettes and coffee that kept us nice and warm. Please keep coming – and bring your friends!

Jane Jewitt