28 October 2017

Saturday was a fine, sunny day and calm. It finally felt as if autumn had arrived as on Friday night the temperature dipped to 4 degrees. For the past month, the night-time temperatures have been nearer to 15 degrees. As a result, our plants have continued to flower, and we have all enjoyed a real Indian summer.

We had a good crowd of volunteers for the morning, and it was a joy to look up and see everyone busy with planting the banks and adding to the beds in all corners of the garden. It is the perfect time of year to be planting as the soil is still warm and so the roots can get established even if it doesn’t look like much is happening above ground.

We are continuing to receive plant donations from the villagers. Recently we were given a witch hazel. It is a very lovely shrub with large round hazel leaves that turn butter yellow in the autumn. The tiny flowers of yellow or orange have the most exquisite fragrance in late winter. I have placed it close to the steps so that the perfume will assail the nostrils of all who pass by.

The plastic mesh was laid on the level area of grass that will become an overflow parking area alongside Platinum Way. It looked like a green carpet had been put down, but very soon the grass will push through, and it will become a very useful extra parking area.

Alison and Ruth supplied us with sausage baguettes and coffee to ensure that our spirits were kept up for the second half of the morning and all the plants that folk had brought found good homes.

Thanks to all who came and helped with the continuing development of the garden.

Jane Jewitt