30 September 2017

It seems like a long time since I have updated you on the garden. We skipped a working party in August. Not because there was nothing to do but over the previous 2 or 3 working parties the numbers had been creeping down. I am very glad to say that on Saturday 23rd September lots of folk turned up armed with forks and spades and eager to help.

I am keen to take advantage of the autumn; it is the very best time to get hardy plants into the ground. I want to get the long bank established with thick evergreen groundcover. The bank is steeper than the others, and I envisaged problems if it was muddy. I spent a little while working out the most effective way to plant, and I was very happy to discover that once I was bent or kneeling to plant there was no danger of slipping as my centre of gravity was so close to the ground. By the end of our Saturday morning, we had covered approximately half of the bank. Only another 30 metres to go!

Both the Brownies and the Beavers have been busy in the garden. The Brownies have taken a crescent-shaped area quite close to the hall, and they have planted lots of bee-friendly plants. The Beavers have built a cairn towards the rear of the hall. Both groups have made a very fine job of it.

The Hardy Plants Society (Kent Branch) are celebrating their 30th anniversary. They have expressed an interest in planting an area of the garden to commemorate the event. They plan to take a good sized square area close to the memorial. I am very interested to see what they will do. I am sure that their plant choices will be very interesting and imaginative.

It is very satisfying to see such a variety of groups involved in the garden. I wonder who will be next.

Jane Jewitt